DDN 2017 New York Summit
AI & Machine Learning:
Implications for Inclusion & Equality

This page offers information related to the "AI & Machine Learning" panel of the 2017 Digital Diversity Network's 2017 New York Summit, held in New York on October 19, 2017.

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Panelist Profiles

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  • Paolo Gaudiano (moderator), Executive Director, CCNY QSDI, and Founder, Aleria, @icopaolo
  • Micah Brown, Founder & CEO, Centiment, @MicahAPBrown
  • Katie Dixon, Principal Solutions Specialist, Data & AI, Microsoft, @KDParkSlope
  • Diego J. Medina, VP, Products, Platforms & Partners, Viacom Advanced Advertising
  • Lauren Washington, Co-founder/CEO, KeepUp APP & Founder, Black Women Talk Tech, @keepupapps
  • Adelyn Zhou, CMO, TOPBOTS, @adelynzhou ‏