Aleria Diagnostic Tools


Our key differentiator is a software simulation platform that captures the causal links driving the overall behavior of your company. This type of simulation is the only way you can capture the impact of your Diversity & Inclusion programs in a quantitative, predictive fashion.

You can experiment with a simple yet powerful simulation that captures the impact of gender biases on the resulting gender diversity. Join one of our Aleria Diversity Workshops or contact us to organize an on-site Aleria Workshop tailored to the needs and realities of your organization.

Use the Aleria Simulation Platform to understand how the existing state of your company, including its current level of diversity, its culture and its workplace policies impact your organization's ability to succeed along the Four Pillars of Performance: Talent Attraction, Talent Retention, Operational Efficiency and Market Appeal.

Contact us to learn more, or read our Forbes blog about the Four Pillars.