The Four Pillars of Performance

Virtually all business performance metrics can be mapped to, or derived from, combinations of these four pillars: talent attraction, talent retention, operational efficiently, and market appeal.

Diversity & Inclusion is known to impact each of these pillars: for instance, a more diverse workforce can attract a broader talent pool, and create products that appeal to a broader marketplace. What is less obvious is how Diversity & Inclusion impacts the complex interactions among pillars, which is what dictates company performance and sometimes leads to unintended outcomes.

Screenshot 2019-01-02 18.49.19.png

For instance, hiring diverse talent without also creating an inclusive environment gives the illusion of increased talent attraction… until the new hires have a negative experience and leave, at which point talent retention declines, operational efficiency decreases, and the company gets a negative reputation, reducing its ability to attract new talent and potentially damaging customer perception.

At Aleria, we combine behavioral sciences and computer simulations to capture the complex ways in which Diversity & Inclusion influence and interact with the Four Pillars of Performance, giving leaders the analytical tools they need to turn Diversity & Inclusion into a competitive advantage.

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