Taking the Guesswork out of Diversity & Inclusion

Let us show you how inclusion can help you improve recruitment strategies, increase employee satisfaction and loyalty, achieve diversity goals and drive business performance.

Our unique solution leverages behavioral sciences and computer simulation to reveal how inclusion impacts your people and your company performance. We’ll help you understand how D&I initiatives impact your KPIs, and show you how to have happier employees while improving your bottom line.


Scientific Methodology

Our solution is based on a proprietary methodology developed and perfected by our team over the last two decades to solve complex business problems for global leaders. Rooted in the field of Complexity Science, our simulation platform lets you explore risks and opportunities within your organization.


Human-Centric Approach

Our approach leverages behavioral sciences to understand how individual employees are influenced by their work environment and by their interactions with other employees. This human-centric focus is ideally suited to understand how inclusion shapes the experiences of your employees.


Software Simulations

The revolutionary aspect of our approach is a computer simulation that captures the way individual employee behaviors and attitudes combine to influence the entire company. The result is a platform that gives you actionable insights into how D&I initiatives impact employee satisfaction and company performance.


Schedule Your Inclusion Assessment

Our Inclusion Assessment will provide you clarity on inclusion in as little as one month.


What does this look like in action?

  • A discovery workshop to introduce key concepts and our methodology, and to engage stakeholders

  • An assessment phase to gather and organize knowledge, expertise and data from your stakeholders using our simulation as a guide

  • A report that identifies the risks and opportunities related to inclusion and diversity uniquely for your organization

We offer optional add-on offerings for those companies that see an opportunity to dive deeper:

  • Conduct custom surveys to quantify and track your inclusion risks and opportunities

  • Customize the simulation to test the likely outcomes of specific D&I initiatives


What are the key take-aways and benefits?

  • What inclusion means and how it can be measured

  • Why inclusion is a business imperative

  • Where biases are creating business risks for your company

  • How much money you are losing because of biases

  • How inclusion increases employee satisfaction and retention

  • How to link inclusion to business performance metrics

  • What opportunities inclusion can create for your company

  • How to design inclusion strategies for competitive advantage


Ready to book an Inclusion Assessment? Have questions?


Fostering Inclusive Organizations of All Sizes

Startups & Small Businesses

Mid- to Large Corporations

It is never too early to prioritize diversity & inclusion within your organization. Our solutions will demonstrate how inclusion can drive employee satisfaction, improve performance, and make room for diversity. With everyone on the same page, you’ll be prepared to embrace inclusion as a competitive advantage.

Nobody knows your organization better than you. Whether we’re working with executives, HR leadership or in collaboration with an ERG, we’ll tap into your existing knowledge and expertise to help you align D&I initiatives with corporate strategy and identify the biggest opportunities for impact.

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Invite us to Speak for your Organization

Our methodology and solutions have been the subject of a TED talk, highlighted on conference stages, and presented for teams of all sizes. You too can have us discuss our unique approach to Diversity & Inclusion with your team or at your next event.

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