Taking the Guesswork out of Diversity & Inclusion

Our solutions draw on two decades of science and technology to help you quantify the link between Diversity & Inclusion and business performance. Our team will help you identify ways to make your employees happier while improving business outcomes.

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Our Solutions

From recruitment to retention, our methodology will help you understand how D&I impacts your people and your company performance. Each of our solutions leverages a phased approach and software simulations to ensure you gain the knowledge you need.


Improve Recruitment

Discover how Diversity & Inclusion directly impacts your ability to attract and hire top talent. With the right initiatives you can access greater pools of talent at a lower cost to your company.


Quantify Inclusion

Explore what inclusion means within your organization, identify opportunities to foster greater inclusion, and measure its impact on your employees satisfaction and your overall company performance.


Increase Retention

Identify the specific biases, processes, and procedures that, upon being addressed, can empower your team to do their best work, improve retention, and increase the loyalty of your employees.


Invite us to Speak for your Organization

Our methodology and solutions have been the subject of a TED talk, highlighted on conference stages, and presented for teams of all sizes. You too can have us discuss our unique approach to Diversity & Inclusion with your team or at your next event.

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