How We Work

Whether you are just starting to explore ideas or already deeply committed to D&I and looking for that additional competitive edge, our projects are tailored to your needs through a phased approach that ensures you gain the knowledge you need and develop tools you can use.


In the first phase, discover a whole new way of thinking about D&I, gaining the practical knowledge and actionable information you need to establish D&I as a business imperative; in the second phase, build on that knowledge to assess your company’s level of D&I readiness, and identify the most significant risks and greatest opportunities; in the third phase leverage our software simulation to explore the likely impact of specific initiatives; in the fourth phase, execute key initiatives and measure their impact, use the results to refine and extend the simulation to broaden your understanding and gain increasing confidence in your knowledge and actions as you reap the many benefits of a truly inclusive organization.

The four phases build upon one another, but each phase gives you clear deliverables and tangible benefits. And with each successive stage you will gain greater company-wide support and increased commitment to D&I as you demonstrate increasing ROI, both in terms of employee satisfaction and business performance.

This is the phased approach we use, regardless of the solution you choose.


Phase 1: Discover

All of our projects begin with a single-day event in which we introduce our overall methodology to D&I analytics, then drill down into the topic you selected. We begin by presenting key concepts, such as the Four Pillars of Performance, to explain why Diversity & Inclusion must be considered a business imperative and part of any company’s core strategy.

We show how our human-centric thinking allows you to recognize individual, structural and environmental biases, and how to spot these biases in your own organization. Using specific examples we then show how our methodology applies to the specific topic of interest.

Through this phase you and your team will discover an entirely new way to think about Diversity & Inclusion, gain the knowledge needed to guide further work, and acquire information on how to link D&I and business performance. What you learn in this phase will change your day-to-day approach to D&I, it will show you how to ask the right questions and gather the right information to identify risks and opportunities related to D&I, and it will give you the ammunition you need to secure stakeholder support


Phase 2: Assess

Once you understand the methodology, we can work with your team to apply it specifically to your organization. We introduce our Visual Maps, which highlight the causal links that connect individual behaviors and company performance. The Visual Maps become the focal point to identify specific sources of biases, and to gain insights into the likely impact of different D&I initiatives: where are the greatest risks? What are the largest opportunities? What may be some of the ripple effects and unintended consequences of your actions?

We work with our simulation software to show the likely impact of different scenarios - ranging from inaction to fully embracing D&I. By the end of this phase you will identify the one or two primary initiatives that are most likely to have immediate and significant impact on your company.

This phase, which typically lasts one month, concludes with the delivery of a detailed report as well as access to our simulation platform, set up to show the projected impact of the key initiatives we have jointly identified


Phase 3: Simulate & Plan

The Visual Maps introduced in the second phase also serve the root of our software simulations. If your company is ready to move beyond the low-hanging fruit, in this phase we show how your domain expertise combines with our knowledge of human behavior to refine the Visual Maps to help you explore D&I-related initiatives specific to your company.

Based on the refined Visual Maps, we customize the software platform to match the unique characteristics of your company, and to capture a broader range of initiatives and scenarios. We also work with your team to identify specific metrics that can best measure and track the impact of your initiatives, to ensure that you are achieving the desired results.

At the conclusion of this phase, which typically lasts three months, we will deliver the customized software simulation. Because of the highly collaborative nature of this work, your team will be able to use the simulations to continue to explore a wide range of initiatives and scenarios.


Phase 4: Execute & Measure

Once you launch your initiatives, we can work with your team continue to refine and improve the accuracy of the simulation based on observed outcomes. The process of refining the simulation is extremely useful because it helps you to identify gaps in your knowledge, inaccurate assumptions, or simply additional factors that were not considered in earlier phases.

One of the great benefits of our simulation is that it is possible to continue to expand it without having to undo the work already done - this is very different from traditional analytical methods. You can add detail to capture increasingly accurate aspects of your company, and update the simulation to reflect any changes you decide to implement.

Whether you are focusing on recruitment, inclusion or retention, your custom simulation will let you gain even deeper insights into the complex interactions that are at the heart of your company, and it will help you to identify many opportunities to foster inclusion while driving superior business outcomes.