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Is your company actively trying to recruit top talent? Are you struggling to attract a diverse pool of candidates? There are likely environmental, structural and individual biases influencing how many candidates apply to each position, the quality of talent that is interested in working with your team, and the cost of finding the right person for the job.

As one of the Four Pillars of Performance, talent attraction can be directly linked to your organization’s primary goals and KPIs. Your ability to attract the right employees from a diverse pool of candidates at a reduced cost can be the competitive advantage you need to propel your organization forward.


  • Identify processes and procedures where biases may negatively impact your company’s ability to attraction talent

  • Enhance the understanding of what makes candidates likely to be successful employees

  • Learn how to face internal resistance to “affirmative action” initiatives or concerns about “lowering the bar”

  • Increase the number of applications from women, minorities, and other underrepresented pools of talent

  • Quantify the financial benefit of more inclusive recruiting and hiring practices

  • Use of one of our software simulations to help visualize the impact D&I has on talent attraction

  • Access to the Aleria D&I Toolkit for recommended tools and resources


How We Work

As with all our solutions, we offer a phased approach, with tangible value and clear deliverables at each phase that suit the needs and level of readiness of our clients.


An interactive event where we introduce our methodology and discuss how your team can leverage D&I to improve recruitment.


We'll help you identify environmental, structural and individual biases that affect your ability to attract diverse pools of talent.

Simulate & Plan

Leverage customized software simulations to explore a range of what-if scenarios and the potential impact of specific initiatives.

Execute & Measure

Move forward with strategically selected initiatives while tracking their impact on your business performance metrics.

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