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It’s often said that a company is only as good as its people. Even more, we believe that the performance of a company is nothing more than a collection of what all of its employees are doing. Your ability to not only retain employees but to empower them to do their best work will directly impact the success of your organization.

But how do you ensure that your employees are satisfied? How can you improve their sense of belonging and loyalty?

If you’re experiencing high churn, fear losing your best employees to competitors, or struggle to retain women and underrepresented minorities, you likely need to focus on inclusion.


  • Increased understanding of how employee benefits can create a more inclusive culture and empower employees to do their best work

  • Quantify the financial benefit of more inclusive recruiting and hiring practices

  • Discover how D&I can help move the needle on your company's most important KPIs

  • Identify processes and procedures where biases may influence retention

  • Extensive demonstration and use of one of our software simulations to help visualize the impact D&I has on retention

  • Access to the Aleria D&I Toolkit for recommended tools and resources


How We Work

As with all our solutions, we offer a phased approach, with tangible value and clear deliverables at each phase that suit the needs and level of readiness of our clients.


An interactive event where we introduce our methodology and discuss how your team can leverage D&I to improve retention.


We'll help you identify policies, procedures, and internal biases that are negatively impacting the satisfaction and loyalty of your employees.

Simulate & Plan

Leverage customized software simulations to explore a range of what-if scenarios and the potential impact of specific initiatives.

Execute & Measure

Move forward with strategically selected initiatives while tracking their impact on your business performance metrics.

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