Define & Measure Inclusion


There is growing awareness that inclusion is key to happy employees and successful organizations, but defining and measuring inclusion can be a challenge. This is partly because we tend to notice only experiences of exclusion, which means that inclusion is often only visible to those who don’t have it. The problem is compounded because those who experience exclusion are usually not in leadership roles, and they may worry that their concerns will fall on deaf ears, or worse, that they may be seen as troublemakers for speaking up.

Our Quantify Inclusion offering introduces you to a novel, human-centric, quantitative approach to Diversity & Inclusion. This solution is for companies that wish to understand what inclusion is, how to measure it, and how to use inclusion initiatives to increase employee satisfaction and overall company performance.


  • Determine what inclusion means within your organization and how to measure it

  • Discover how to link inclusion to your business performance metrics

  • Identify processes, procedures and day-to-day interactions that are causing your employees to feel excluded

  • Leverage software simulations to pinpoint where to focus for the greatest impact


How We Work

As with all our solutions, we offer a phased approach, with tangible value and clear deliverables at each phase that suit the needs and level of readiness of our clients.


A single-day experience where we introduce our overall methodology and drill down into a clear, actionable definition of inclusion.


We work with your team to identify and categorize opportunities for inclusion, specific to your organization.

Simulate & Plan

Leverage customized software simulations to explore a range of what-if scenarios and the potential impact of specific initiatives.

Execute & Measure

Move forward with strategically selected initiatives while tracking their impact on your company's business performance metrics.

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