Our Approach Is Unlike Any Other

Our solutions draw on two decades of science and technology to help you quantify the link between Diversity & Inclusion and business performance.



Diversity is typically associated with intangible aspects of performance.

Today, most companies see diversity as part of their corporate social responsibility agenda. But making diversity part of the CSR mindset turns it into a “nice to have,” and one of the first things to get cut in difficult times.

Instead, we believe that diversity and inclusion should be seen as business imperatives and important elements of a company’s return on investment and overall success. And we can show you why.  

Whether your organization is diverse or not and whether you have an inclusive culture or not directly impacts performance metrics tied to talent attraction, talent retention, operational efficiency, and market appeal. We refer to these as the Four Pillars of Performance.   

Our methodology is powered by SCIENCE AND ACADEMIC RESEARCH

Our work is based on a unique methodology that was developed and perfected by our team over the last two decades to help solve complex business problems for global leaders such as Intel, BP, NIKE, Eli Lilly, Humana, Toyota, Microsoft, the U.S. Navy, and the Kellogg Foundation. We've since applied the methodology specifically to D&I. 

Our approach specifically leverages behavioral sciences to understand how individual employees are influenced by other employees and by their work environment, and computer simulations to capture the way in which employees' behaviors and interactions influence overall company performance.

We bring a quantitative approach to human capital management that is akin to portfolio management for financial assets allocation or programmatic advertising for managing marketing assets. As we work with organizations, we can quantify the business impact of a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and provide clear insights into the impact of specific D&I initiatives.


While it leverages behavioral sciences and complexity science, our approach is human-centric.

Our solutions were developed to complement your knowledge and intuition as domain experts and decision makers, using data only to support and refine your analyses – not to make the decisions for you.


In his recent TED talk Aleria's CEO, Paolo Gaudiano, introduces the need, opportunity, and power of quantifying the value of Diversity & Inclusion. This 9-minute presentation provides insight into our methodology and vision. Click here to view a transcript of the talk.