Measuring Inclusion and its Impact on the Retention of Women in Financial Services

In partnership with the Financial Women’s Association, we are conducting research to better understand the specific factors and interactions that influence inclusion within Financial Services. More specifically, this research aims to gain a clearer picture of the causal chain of events leading to turnover of women in the industry.

By completing this survey, you will help us identify areas where the industry is doing well and potential opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to leverage insights from the research to create an industry-wide benchmark and to help companies focus future initiatives.

If you’re a woman in Financial Services, we want to be sure that your voice is heard.


Are you a woman in finance?



Who should participate in the survey?

This survey is meant specifically for women who work or have worked in Financial Services organizations. If this is you, we’d love to include your experience in our study.

How long will the survey take to complete?

The survey should take you less than 10 minutes.

Is the data collected anonymously?

We recognize the importance of security and privacy of data and have made it a top priority.

The survey responses will be completely anonymous. Specifically, the survey does not ask or store the respondent’s affiliation, name, contact information or any other personally identifiable information. Further, individual responses will not be made available and we will only present aggregate data.

With the protection and reliability of data in mind, we have selected Qualtrics as the survey tool provider for this project. Qualtrics is FedRamp Authorized, giving it the highest level of security clearance by government standards with over 300 controls that require constant monitoring and periodic independent assessments.

Will the findings be shared publicly?

At the end of the project, we will release a report with aggregate data and an industry-wide benchmark that we hope will lead to a more welcoming and inclusive workplace for women in Financial Services. We anticipate this report being available by the end of Summer 2019.

How can I learn more?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this research, please email