Aleria Diversity Workshops


At the core of our Aleria Software Platform is a unique methodology developed and perfected by our team over the last two decades to help solve complex business problems for global leaders such as Intel, BP, NIKE, Eli Lilly, Humana, Toyota, Microsoft, the U.S. Navy, and the Kellogg Foundation.

The methodology is based on an understanding that each company exists within a unique ecosystem – consisting of its employees, suppliers, partners, clients and competitors – and analyzing the ecosystem from the inside out to expose the causal links that drive behavior.

Our workshops introduce your team to an entirely new way of thinking about problems, and teach you what you need in order to plan, execute and measure the impact of your Diversity & Inclusion programs.

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You will leave the workshop with a software tool that helps you reduce the risks and costs of trial and error, elevating Diversity & Inclusion to a core element of corporate strategy. You will meet and engage with your peers and like-minded professionals.

Workshop elements

  • Background: the Complexity of Diversity
  • The Aleria Framework: applications and case studies
  • The Aleria D&I Simulation Platform: introduction and use
  • Exploring D&I scenarios with the Aleria Platform

What you will learn

  • How do I know which of my D&I initiatives are working?
  • How do I prioritize D&I initiatives given limited resources?
  • How do I measure the effect of diversity on performance?
  • How do my workplace policies impact employee satisfaction and loyalty?