Establish D&I as a Business Imperative

While executed with good intentions, many D&I initiatives fail to truly affect positive change within an organization.

Business leaders, just like you, commonly struggle to determine where to focus. Which strategy or solution will make the biggest impact? How do I measure the results or know if our initiatives are working? How do I make a difference with a limited budget? Without clear answers to these questions, companies often put D&I on the back burner.  

The reality is that Diversity & Inclusion is complicated and each action can result in a ripple effect of unexpected challenges. It's not uncommon for us to come across companies that: 


Treat D&I as a Human Resource responsibility or CSR activity, rather than a core strategy across the entire organization


Build awareness around internal biases, but fail to then adjust processes and procedures to account for them


Set hiring goals and benchmarks to increase diversity only to have it backfire because they don’t have an inclusive company culture


Rather than attempting trendy solutions, treating symptoms, and simply hoping for the best, we believe that companies should approach their D&I initiatives with confidence, anticipate outcomes, and be prepared to measure the impact on their overall business performance.

At Aleria, we provide solutions, methodologies and frameworks that empower companies to plan, execute and measure the impact of their Diversity & Inclusion related efforts. This workshop will introduce your team to an entirely new way of thinking about problems and challenges. Even more, we’ll show your team exactly why D&I should be a priority for your organization.




With frameworks and insights that allow them to immediately take action, our workshops will change the way your team approaches D&I. Below are a few more benefits of participating:   


Understand how D&I can help move the needle on your company's most important KPIs


Gain support and budget approval for future initiatives by establishing D&I as a business imperative


Better understand and predict the potential impact of D&I initiatives


Provide your team one consistent way to think about D&I and its role within your organization


Prioritize the right solutions and strategies for measurable impact with limited resources


Have access to the Aleria D&I Toolkit for recommended tools and resources




Regardless of the size of your company or the number of attendees, you can expect your team to walk away with valuable, actionable insights.

During this 90-minute workshop, we will introduce and discuss topics such as: 

  • Understanding the value of your human capital

  • Debunking common beliefs and arguments against Diversity & Inclusion

  • Complexity, ripple effects and unintended consequences of D&I initiatives

  • The Four Pillars of Performance and how D&I directly impacts your business performance

  • Introduction to Aleria D&I Software Simulations

Really eye-opening and forward looking.
— Yves F., recent workshop attendee


You can schedule a call now, email us, or provide your information below and someone from our team will reach out to answer any questions you might have and discuss next steps. 

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Can you customize the workshop content to meet our needs or availability?
Absolutely, we often tailor the content of our workshops to uniquely serve the organization, company, or expected attendees. We'd be happy to discuss your specific needs and ideas, and collaboratively determine the presentation style, format, and content that would be best. 

Does it matter how many people attend the workshop?
While we like to have a sense of how many people to expect, our workshops do not require a certain number of attendees and are not limited to any specific group size. However, it is important that leadership is present and involved. 

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, please contact us about discounts for startups, nonprofits, and educational institutions.


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