Our Approach Is Unlike Any Other

Our solutions draw on two decades of science and technology to help you plan, execute and measure your Diversity & Inclusion programs


Identify your starting point and explore the value of being more diverse and inclusive


Determine how to apply our methodology within your organization to take advantage of D&I


Leverage our team as you decide where to focus and how to implement the right initiatives


Track your progress as you gain an increasing competitive advantage and measurable impact


Ways to Work with Us

From startups to global corporations, our team will help you focus on the right initiatives and leverage Diversity & Inclusion as a competitive advantage  


Education & Training

Each client begins this journey with a workshop that introduces key members of your team to the basic concepts behind our methodology and how it's applied within organizations to improve upon the KPIs that matter. You will gain a new understanding of D&I and learn simple but powerful techniques to help anticipate the likely impact of your actions.

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D&I Diagnostic

Leveraging our proprietary Four Pillars of Performance™ methodology, our software platform helps identify specific areas where your organization can gain the greatest benefit by becoming more inclusive and diverse. This assessment will provide your team with valuable insights, as well as actionable, tactical next steps.    

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SOFTWARE Solutions

Focusing on the right initiatives provides your team quantifiable opportunities to leverage D&I as a competitive advantage. Our software solutions can help your team anticipate and better understand the potential impact and outcomes of your strategic efforts. We have the expertise and resources required to guide your team.

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Really eye-opening and forward looking.
— Yves F., recent workshop attendee

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