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Interactive Simulations

Each company is a unique, complex ecosystem whose behavior is driven by the interactions among and between employees, customers and competitors. Computer simulations can capture the causal links that drive overall company behavior, whose complexity cannot be analyzed with traditional techniques. In this section we provide some sample simulations that you can explore on your own.


Affirmative action or equal opportunity?

In one of our Forbes blogs we described an experiment showing that Equal Opportunity is not enough to restore balance in an organization, even when hiring and promotion biases are removed. We provide here a simplified version of the simulation, which replicates a hypothetical company with four levels of employees (entry level, manager, VP, Executive) and two genders (male, female).

Use the simulation to test the five-year impact of adding hiring or promotion biases on a company that is initially balanced. Then try starting with an imbalanced company, remove all biases to see what happens.

Check back in the future as we add more Interactive Software Demos!

Our Team


A former academic turned entrepreneur, Paolo recently embarked on a mission to apply his knowledge of analytics and technology to change the way people think about Diversity, and what they do about it.

Ellen Hunt
Co-Founder and Advisor

Ellen has spent much of her career in Financial Services, both as corporate executive and as CEO of a fintech startup. As a strategic advisor to businesses seeking to ignite growth, she shows how diversity delivers.


A purpose-driven leader, Lisa passionately tackles real-world problems with innovative and impactful solutions. In addition to her extensive startup experience, she is recognized for her volunteer and community work to empower female entrepreneurs.
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Gilda is Dean at The Grove School of Engineering at CCNY. She consults nationally and internationally on STEM education and research, diversity in education, policy, workforce development and faculty development.

Ruchika Tulshyan

Ruchika is a journalist, speaker and educator. She focuses on the business case for intersectional diversity and inclusion in all her work. Ruchika is the author of The Diversity Advantage: Fixing Gender Inequality In The Workplace.


John is a versatile CEO and entrepreneur who has successfully founded, built, scaled and sold software and technology-driven startups. He is also passionate about disadvantaged youth and serves as a Trustee of the Harlem Academy.

Andrea Jones-Rooy

Andrea is a consultant, instructor and author of several books and articles, who specializes in quantitative research on complexity, diversity, and adaptability. She is also an international circus performer and standup comedian.
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Claudia is a software engineering leader with over 20 years of experience spanning startups to fortune 500 companies. She has delivered successful and innovative solutions from inception to deployment across a range of platforms, technologies and markets.

Dawn Barber

Dawn advises tech start-ups, businesses, government entities and investors. She founded the NY Creative Tech Week and NY Tech Meetup, and has planned and produced many other significant events. She sits on numerous boards and serves on the NYC Commission on Public Information and Communication.


Tricia has spent much of her professional career in the software industry as an administrative specialist gaining experiences in areas such as digital marketing, web development, and graphic design.


Our leaders are experienced public speakers and moderators.

Please contact us about speaking engagements, or for our help with your next D&I-related event.

Join us to make the world a better place

Aleria is a Public Benefit Corporation: a for-profit corporation with a public benefit purpose. Our vision is to make corporate America - and society as a whole - more inclusive and equitable. Our mission is to show companies and organizations of all sizes the tangible business value of diversity, and how to implement it. To achieve these goals, our Founder created Aleria to develop a SaaS platform, and QSDI, an academic research center to conduct core research, education and training.

As we grow we will always be on the lookout for top talent in a variety of roles at either entity. Diversity and inclusion are in our DNA, and while we are too small (for now) to offer competitive benefits packages, we offer a supportive environment, great flexibility, and the opportunity to join an amazing company at the ground level.

Our headquarters are in New York, but we believe in flexibility and support, and will consider candidates from remote locations.

Please check the links below for our active searches, but feel free to reach out if you feel you can contribute to our success. We prefer not work with recruiters. If you are interested in joining our team, please send us a brief summary along with your LinkedIn URL

Open positions:

We are not currently looking to fill any positions, but are always eager to meet like-minded people who may be interested in joining us on this exciting adventure. 

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Our Founder and CEO, Paolo Gaudiano, will be speaking at TEDx Fulton Street on June 2, 2018 in New York City. He will be joining 15 incredible presenters exploring why people say Yes or No. Paolo's talk will focus on quantifying the ROI of having a diverse workforce. Click below to grab a discounted ticket and join us!

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