Experience it for yourself:
Interactive Simulations

Each company is a unique, complex ecosystem whose behavior is driven by the interactions among and between employees, customers and competitors. Computer simulations can capture the causal links that drive overall company behavior, whose complexity cannot be analyzed with traditional techniques. In this section we provide some sample simulations that you can explore on your own.


Affirmative action or equal opportunity?

In one of our Forbes blogs we described an experiment showing that Equal Opportunity is not enough to restore balance in an organization, even when hiring and promotion biases are removed. More recently, we wrote an academic paper showing that gender biases in the promotion process can capture the gender imbalances seen across a variety of industries.

We provide here a simplified version of the simulation, which replicates a hypothetical company with four levels of employees (entry level, manager, VP, Executive) and two genders (male, female).

Use the simulation to test the five-year impact of adding hiring or promotion biases on a company that is initially balanced. Then try starting with an imbalanced company and remove all biases to see what happens.