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Our Inclusion Assessment was designed to help leaders determine the level of inclusion within their organization and its impact on overall performance. More specifically, our framework uncovers the specific experiences that impact individual employees on a day-to-day basis, strategically categorizes them and then pinpoints which of them most affect overall employee satisfaction.

Prioritizing the right inclusion initiatives can help you improve recruitment strategies, increase employee satisfaction and loyalty, achieve diversity goals and drive business performance.

Are you ready to identify the opportunities that exist within your organization? Let us show you how.



  • Engage your entire organization in creating an inclusive culture

  • Establish a consistent, foundational understanding of the value of D&I, how it can be measured and how it links to business KPIs

  • Uncover structural and procedural biases that are negatively impacting your employees’ satisfaction and business performance

  • Examine the unique day-to-day experiences of individuals within your organization

  • Identify where your team should focus for the most meaningful impact

  • Reduce the cost and risk of trial-and-error approaches to Diversity & Inclusion


Developed out of years of research, our human-centric approach uniquely combines behavioral science and computer simulations. This framework has been refined over two decades of solving complex workforce management problems for leading corporations, governments and foundations.




Learn key concepts and leverage our methodology to engage and educate stakeholders


Collaboratively uncover and discuss biases, interactions and experiences that could be causing individuals to feel excluded


Gather and organize knowledge, expertise and data, using our software simulations as a guide


Clarify how your organization can leverage inclusion to increase overall performance & employee satisfaction


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One of the best breakdowns of tying D&I to business value.
— Neil L., Talent Acquisition Leader at a Fortune 500, publicly-traded company